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 Jo's sketchdump

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PostSubject: Jo's sketchdump   Jo's sketchdump EmptyThu Sep 08, 2011 7:12 am

Miss America sketch with ignatius awesome little sketching
Jo's sketchdump Miss_a11

Jo's sketchdump Sketch10

More Miss America Sketches
Kinda looks too manly.. Sad
Jo's sketchdump Sketch11

Jo's sketchdump Sketch12

Jo's sketchdump Sketch13
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PostSubject: Re: Jo's sketchdump   Jo's sketchdump EmptyThu Sep 08, 2011 8:13 am

I really like the background, U are really good at it you should draw and paint more background.
Characters are good thought there are many aspects that can be improved.

But I really can't get enough of the background on ur 2nd sketch lol, it's really good. I get the feeling of very shinny forest, it would be awesome if the light is implemented and effects the characters too Smile.


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Jo's sketchdump
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