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 Duel disk design

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Duel disk design Empty
PostSubject: Duel disk design   Duel disk design EmptyFri Nov 25, 2011 12:52 pm

I've been watching the abridged yugioh series alot and the more i do, the more i love the duel disks they wear. these devices allow them to play card games on the fly and project holograms of the monsters they summon to battle. there have been toys made of the duel disks before, but none of them were very combat and deployed in an eciting way on their own. so i decided to design my own one.
I started off with alot of concept sketches looking for a basic shape i wanted. the disk consists of a circular section worn on the forwarm that holds the player's deck of cards and graveyard zones, and then a large blade like platform where the player plays monster and trap cards (i'm butchering the description of the yugioh card game atm).
Duel disk design

after i worked out my design, as seen atht ebottom of that image, i moved onto 3ds max 2012. there i began to modle the duel disk in all of the parts neccisary. each were colour coded and eventualy i animated it, showing its moves.
afterwards i've started to edit the disk sot hat it is more aestheticly pleasing. not that the mechanics are worked out i have to work on the final design.
once completed i'll render each piece and print them out life size as a set of blueprints. form there i'll build the disk out of various materials such as plywood and nylon or whatever my handyman dad thinks would be strong enough.
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Duel disk design
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