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 Games Art Society - Game design[Annoncement]

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Games Art Society - Game design[Annoncement] Empty
PostSubject: Games Art Society - Game design[Annoncement]   Games Art Society - Game design[Annoncement] EmptyFri May 25, 2012 1:23 pm

Hi fellows,

As you are aware, we are trying to put all the ideas together. This announcement is sent for the purpose to inform you folks that I will do a pool when everyone have casted their ideas. I will list all the game ideas and we will see which one have the most favor. Let me know if that sounds ok.
When decision is made I would tweek the forum. I will add new sub sections for the content of our project. I will have a seperate section such as 2D art 3D art and so on, so before posting make sure you are posting in the respective section.

I also want to create a news letter system, so everyone gets an update on every single work you guys did.

Thanks very much



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Games Art Society - Game design[Annoncement]
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