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 Game Idea - Another (working title)

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PostSubject: Game Idea - Another (working title)   Mon May 28, 2012 10:16 pm


Game title: Another (working title)
Genre: First person, Horror, Survival, Mystery, Single player
Engine: Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

The game will take place in present time with 2 npc max and 3 monster max. The game would use limited UI to create sense of realism and immersion in the world. This can be achieve by limiting the UI such as using notebook to write the objective or note on a clue or whats needed to solve the puzzle. The tutorial can be teach through NPC that tell the player how to survive in the world. To enhance the realism the player will also be vurnable (low hp) to monster/ghost so the player will feel more horror in the game and they need to aproach thing more realistically such as evading monster when is not needed to fight. There would be weapons in the game that player can use such as their surrounding or a gun but with very limited ammo so the player will have to think twice before using it. The game will feature amnesia style interaction with the surrounding (opening shelf, operating machine, solving puzzle,ect). Source of light also play important role in the game, source of light such as flashlight will need a battery to work so the game will force the player to turn off their light when is not needed, this will give the player moment of darkness and horror. There would be 2 - 3 source of light in the game that player can use such as flashlight, match, lantern, or other think u guys can think of Very Happy.
The game are mainly about exploration and solving puzzle with some battle system element.

(story are not finalized and is only a general idea)

The player wake up in another dimension world (like Silent hill) and try to escape it. The player will encounter another traped person that has been in this world longer than him. The player will learn from her the basic thing to survive on the game world. As the player explore more and reveal the mystery behind the world the player will try to find a way to escape the world. There would be 2 ending in the game which are triggered on the player action.

Horror/Surprise element will look like this

And this is the interaction system

(setting are not finalized and will be change later on vote)

The setting is place on a nether world. Although the world resemble the real world (such as the object in real world) the architecture of the nether world is different and more to maze like environment. The game world has a lot of long corridor and hallway. The player will travel through gigantic maze structure through out the game and wont be able to go outside. Even thought there is a window the player will not able to break it because of the super natural phenomenal in the world (this would be explained by NPC).

-Abbandon building

-Maze like enviroment
(lots of room that has no use)
-Hell like enviroment

-Suprise Element

Gameplay Highlight
-Flashlight Element

Flashlight is like ur friend in every horror game LOL

-Limited UI (to create sense of realism) (Player have to use note book to memorize stuff and write objective, or even write a map =).
-Vurnability (player have low hp which force them to think before aproching enemy, it also give sense of vurnability which give player the sense of horror)
-Source of light (Flashlight battery are limited and have to be use wisely, other source of light such as matches are also avaliable).
-Interaction system (Interact with object such as opening shelf, operating machine, interactive puzzle, ect)
-Dialog system
-Gun (alternative element)
-2 ending


Somewhere along fatal frame or silent hill? It's best to aim for realistic style unless someone is good at painting texture =). Also using high resolution photos texture is much faster and looks good in UDK especialy with bump and spec map on.

Sry for my horrible english

-HVDisc (Matius Chan)
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Game Idea - Another (working title)
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