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 Game idea - Hide and Seek (working title)

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Game idea - Hide and Seek (working title) Empty
PostSubject: Game idea - Hide and Seek (working title)   Game idea - Hide and Seek (working title) EmptyTue May 29, 2012 9:23 am


Game title: Hide and seek (working title)
Genre: First person, Horror, Survival, Mystery, Single player, Coop (Alternative)
Engine: Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

For this game I was thinking of 2-3 monster with 1 char max but customiseable if it's coop mode (such as changing clothes or mask). The game mainly focus on exploration and solving mystery but with a limited time. The monster in the game are not scripted and linear, they will go around and look for the players around the map. The player are required to hide most of the time from the monster or use some specific item such as charm or stone to distract the monster/ghost. Although they cant be killed item such as charm can slow the enemy down. Various item can be found by exploring the map and they are scatred randomly around the map to give replayability to the game. Mystery and clue are also scatred randomly around the map so the next time players play the game he have to try to find it in different path giving replay ability to the game. When the player found all the clue and resolve it player will be able to escape or they can survive by just hiding till the sunrise. The game will feature amnesia like interaction where player have to find item or clues through interacting with object such as the shelfs, locker, operating machine, ect.

(story are not finalized and is only a general idea)

12 group of student (1 type of char with various mask, all the student have their face cover) are traped in the school when they try to do a courage test and solving mystery behind the school ghost mystery. The student have to find a way out to escape the school by solving the mystery or survive through the night.

(setting are not finalized and will be change later on vote)

-Present time
-School & abandon school (the school has few buildings, old and new)
-Nurse office
-Swimming Pool
-Hallway like maze ( in the old school building )

Gameplay Highlight

-Vurnability (player will be forced to hide most of the time instead of running and try to evade the enemy)
-Source of light (Flashlight battery are limited and have to be use wisely, other source of light such as matches are also avaliable).
-Interaction system (Interact with object such as opening shelf, operating machine, interactive puzzle, ect)
-Solving mystery


Somewhere along fatal frame or silent hill? It's best to aim for realistic style unless someone is good at painting texture =). Also using high resolution photos texture is much faster and looks good in UDK especialy with bump and spec map on.

Coop Mode (alternative)

Basically same game play as the single player one but instead various player can join the game and solve the mystery together.
(won't it be fun to see ur friend get eaten : D), and when one of the player fall to the victim of the monster/ghost, he/she will revive as a monster/ghost and chase other player.


Mainly by hide and seek movie Kakurebo
Watch the movie if ur intersted its only 20 minutes.

Sry for my horrible english

-HVDisc (Matius Chan)
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Game idea - Hide and Seek (working title)
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