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 Game Idea - Galatian (working title)

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Game Idea - Galatian (working title) Empty
PostSubject: Game Idea - Galatian (working title)   Game Idea - Galatian (working title) EmptyTue May 29, 2012 10:32 am

Let's take a break with the horror game idea and open for other option : D


Game title: Galatian (working title)
Genre: First person, Single player, Adventure, RPG element, Robot, slice of life
Engine: Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

The game will only have 1 playable area which is the ship, the player will spend of most of the time in the small carrier ship. The game focus on a live of a war pilot and how he deal with his everyday life. In the game player are mainly to interact with the other crew member (12 crew max, with 2 type of model (male/female), and differences by different outfit, and hair). The carrier ship travel from place to place and player can change direction by talking to the captain. By finishing an event or mission player will able to get resource which they can use to upgrade their weapon or armor for their robot.

(story are not finalized and is only a general idea)

The story is set on 2120 where human have reach the peek of technology and exploring the other side of galaxy. The galaxy mother ship from UN send 5 plane to explore the galaxy. The story will revolve around a young mecha pilot that belongs to one of the exploring plane. The story wil tell on everyday life of the mecha pilot whether is to eliminate alien, protect the ship from asteroid, or gathering mineral that are requested by the UN general.

(setting are not finalized and will be change later on vote)

-Few planets (not entreable)

Gameplay Highlight

-Player will able to interact with other fellow crew member.
-HUD are shown realisticly (Hologram, Inside robot, Helmet, ect)
-Controling a robot trought cokpit mode
-Level up realistically (Gathering mineral or other stuff that engineer ask to create a new weapon or armor)
-Player will able to travel around the galaxy and visit other planet by recomending decision to captain of the ship
-Relationships level (If the player are close to enginer player will able to get weapon or armor done faster, If the player are close to the captain, captain will trust the player and player are able to travel to place that are dangreous, ect)
-Money and trade system (NPC with kind personality sometime give stuff for free if you ask them)
-Script and unscripted event
-Customation (Able to choose gender and look)


Something like Mass effect 3 or Prey =)?
Game Idea - Galatian (working title) Prey2one
Game Idea - Galatian (working title) Prey2_preview

-HVDisc (Matius Chan)

Sry for my horrible English.
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Game Idea - Galatian (working title)
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