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 Game Idea - Project Cyberpunk (working title)

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Game Idea - Project Cyberpunk (working title) Empty
PostSubject: Game Idea - Project Cyberpunk (working title)   Game Idea - Project Cyberpunk (working title) EmptyTue May 29, 2012 10:37 am

This is just my dream game and this is definitely aiming to high and won't be made for another 5 years, I post this just to give ppl maybe some new idea =) ?

(working title)

Game title: Cyber Space
Genre: Horror, Action, Sci fiction, Linear, FPS, Singleplayer, Coop (Alternative)
Engine: UDK

In the world where cyborgs have dominated the world, surviving human faction has spread across the world and lost contact to one another. After 1000 years pass by the human have create a new culture and identity among them self. Even though the earth old civilization has been long forgotten the grudge that human mankind have against the cyborg still goes on. Many adventures from different faction and tribe decide to put an end to the cyborg and went in adventure where they maintain connection with other surviving faction after having lost contact for a thousand years. The humanity decides to rise up in arms and wages a war against the cyborg.

Background Story
After the surface of the earth become unlivable human civilization lives underground and create a massive cyberspace network that run throughout the underground world that help humanity maintain its live habit. Ironically the computer betrayed the human and tried to kill them. 1000 years has passed since then and the war is still continued between the human and the cyborg. The story follow the main character that goes to upper level in search of the cyber host that control the whole cyborg and planning to destroy it.

Gameplay Element
-Collecting items such as (clue, anmo, weapon, flashlight, key that help player to progress)
-Shooting the cyborg
-Horror element (roof collapse, surrounded by cyborg) (Single Player)
-Solving puzzle (optional)
-RPG system ( Quest, Item, Weapon/armor upgrade, ect)
-PvP(Area can be captured through invading it)
-Dynamic Story
-Town System
-Transport System
-Dungeon crawling
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Game Idea - Project Cyberpunk (working title)
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