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 Game idea- Working title

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PostSubject: Game idea- Working title    Wed May 30, 2012 8:21 pm

Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to get one of these up; my assignments were persistant.

Okay! Firstly this idea isn't fully fleshed out. Secondly I don't actually intend to make the game; this is a pitch for a setting. I describe story as a way of communicating the kind of world we could build.


A small village of only 2 or 3 houses in the country-side. The time period is roughly 1950's but because of the villages seclusion the technology would predate this in many areas. The villages are essentially isolated with no visible civilisation in any direction. Heavy rain blocks seeing too far away.

General plot and gameplay::

So there's only one lady in the town; an elderly lady sitting inside one of the houses. She speaks apparent nonsense. Basically the premise is that the lady reveals she has/had a husband and two daughters in her ramblings. They're nowhere to be seen. There's also evidence that another couple of people lived in the village. You have no immediate clue to when they were here or where they are now. Slowly you piece together clues in the form of some puzzle mechanic. As the game progresses it becomes apparent that someone was murdered; though it's not immediately clear who. You also keep finding mentions to a "cave". The "cave" turns out to be an actual cave located under the village; accessable via some hidden entrance. Inside you discover who was murdered, along with a few other plot important points. This could vary depending what kind of clues you find etc. You could also be revealed to be one of the two daughters or some other revelation.

My actual pitch?::

As a world this one could be a lot of fun to make. It has characters, a distinct setting with need for lots of personalisation, and it takes on a lot of our current skills. As I said my pitch is more of a setting that we could construct as opposed to a full-blown game. It would make an excellent set-piece though and could look great as a portfolio piece for GAS.

Why I want to work on this?::

Lots of reasons. I love researching time periods. I'd gladly spend days just modelling little tid-bits of information to be scattered around a room which give narrative to the world. But most of all I like the idea that a full narrative could be found in a small, isolated place. It's humble and it's personal.

Final notes::

You can ignore absolutely everything about the story and setting. They're just their to illustrate the kind of feel and story I'd most like to work on!


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PostSubject: Re: Game idea- Working title    Thu May 31, 2012 8:09 am

Sounds good, I think we can discusss and comes up with something on friday. Hopefully more ideas are coming in so we can get to work soon Very Happy.

I am in favor with the interaction and puzzle element. but I am also in favor in making a working game. Anyway lets see what other people have to say ! Hopefully more ideas are coming in before or on friday Razz.

Thanks for chipping in


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PostSubject: Re: Game idea- Working title    Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:36 am

Nice one Dave!

The mystery genre can have some nice atmosphere similar to the ones can be seen in horror genres.

Also I like the fact that there is more room to emphasize more twists at the end when character discovers the secret. If we want to.

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PostSubject: Re: Game idea- Working title    

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Game idea- Working title
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