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 Whisper (Temporary title)

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PostSubject: Whisper (Temporary title)   Whisper (Temporary title) EmptyFri Jun 01, 2012 11:03 am

Catch phrase: “If you hear a voice when you are alone… what will you do…?”

Abandoned mansion built around 19XX
Time: Year 20XX, night time

Quick story:

Main character somehow wandered inside the abandoned house/ mansion. After doing some silly exploration by curiosity, he/she found out that he/she was stuck inside the mansion. On top of that, main character keeps hearing some ominous whispers and screams, as if there is something else is inside the building.
Main character now has to find the way out of the mansion by exploring the mansion rooms, looking for clue and keys for room to find the main key for the front door. As main character keeps searching the room to room, he/she hears screams, whispers and quick *flashbacks that occurred in room.
* Not a cut scene, just quick flashback image of even occurred in room such as
• Murder
Main character kept search the room, the flashbacks keep getting clear and the screams and whispers are getting louder. Eventually, main character reaches the head master’s room. There was a skeleton sitting on chair, with knife on the ground. Main character searches the table and found that there is a lot of newspaper with similar headline on front page:
“Psychopath on loose”
“10th child has been murdered”
“Whole household has been annihilated”
“Return of Jack the Ripper!?”

Then main character found a diary on the table, he/she opened the diary and read the last page:

14th September 199X

He’s coming for me he’s here in mansion right now
i heard the maids scream the y a re all dea d
i can hear the footstep
He’s going to kill me.
god help me
help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help
help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help
help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help help
help help hel

Rest is covered in blood; murderer probably entered the room when he was repeating ‘help’.
The page before:

12th September 199X Cloudy

That’s 4th maid missing, this is getting out of hand
Even her family didn’t see her come back home.
We called police but they could not find her, well that said they said the same thing when first 3 were missing too.
Also they said the same thing about be aware of this ‘psychopath’ thing that has been ringing around the media these days.
Really, out of all, how could all WE will be the target of such thing.
13th September 199X Rain

Police found the body of 4 maids. They were at same spot and been violently murdered by bladed weapon.
This has to be a lie!
Everyone says “it’s him”.
Dear me, when will ever learn to stop dreaming.
Yes, this must be a dream. Really bad dream.
There are a lot of people in this mansion, I don’t need police to protect me.
I am going to bed right now, yes, when I wake up, it’s all a dream and nothing has ever happened.
Tomorrow is going to be storm, the wind is rather strong tonight.

To put in summary:
• The mansion belonged to wealthy head master
• The mansion had 4 maids abducted and murdered
• The criminal seems to be this “psychopath” in newspaper
• On the stormy night of 14th, murderer showed up and massacres everyone in mansion.
• Head master either tried to fight back but got killed, or committed suicide by fear
• After the massacre, the mansion had been abandoned for years.
Main character found the master key on the desk. Got out of the room to main door while hearing whispers and screams along with flash backs.
Finally got to the front door and opened the lock. Main character opened the door, and along the sunlight he/she sees…


• No enemy characters.
• Rather than using element of surprise, I decided to use purely atmosphere for thrills. Also using voices and whispers to add more to it.

• Not mentioned in setting above but we could add NPC for this.
o A maid who happens to be survivor of the incident and supervising the facility even after it has been abandoned. But the truth is…

• It’s a puzzle type where player needs to find the clue and key to search the next room. The main goal is to get out of house by finding the master key which was happened to be in head master’s room. But ended up discovering dark secret of the mansion.

Sorry if ending was unclear, tell me if you need me to write proper ending. I wandered if I should have 2 ending for this: good and bad

Well please see if you like this. I will write more sooner or later
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PostSubject: Re: Whisper (Temporary title)   Whisper (Temporary title) EmptyFri Jun 01, 2012 12:25 pm

Woww You have think about it a lot dont you : D , Also good idea looks like typical visual horror game where you have to find clue and stuff.
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PostSubject: Re: Whisper (Temporary title)   Whisper (Temporary title) EmptyFri Jun 01, 2012 3:52 pm

Nice! When you say flash backs are you thinking like an image flashes up quickly and then quickly fades away on your screen while playing? I think that's a nice way of bringing in back story without interrupting gameplay!

I like the setting to some degree. My main worry about a mansion is that it means there's a lot of rooms that will end up being copy pastes of one another. If you can work out a way of making the setting smaller to some degree- with less locations but more details in each?

Also could the player be the psychopath? Or in some way related to the psychopath? It would explain their presence and why they're having flashbacks!

Try find some reference images for the sort of style you're thinking of! Would love to see this idea developped further!
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PostSubject: Re: Whisper (Temporary title)   Whisper (Temporary title) Empty

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Whisper (Temporary title)
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