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 Game ideas, no title yet

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Game ideas, no title yet Empty
PostSubject: Game ideas, no title yet   Game ideas, no title yet EmptySat Jun 02, 2012 1:33 pm

Sorry this took me so long, I've been pretty swamped with uni assignments and work, and I haven't really had a solid idea until now either.

Going for the FPS/horror thing, with the discovery/hunting down clues element that a few people have mentioned because I think we can make that work fairly well. I was thinking of starting it off outside, and we can see a really ravaged landscape with huge figures looming in the distance and no other houses save the tiny starting village in sight. After a pretty short time though, the setting moves to inside of a cellar since the character has deemed it too unsafe to be outside. Any attempts to walk out of the area will be met with a similar 'this is too dangerous, I need to go back' message.

From then on it's basically finding clues as to what happened to the world in the multi-level cellar. Notes from diaries and such and maybe fliers for military enlistment amongst other things. I was thinking giving the character a family, typical wife and child that they feel a need to protect and they can perhaps provide additional information, although they know very little. Over the course of the game, we learn that what was originally believed to be another world war was actually a stealth takeover by a hostile species which uses humans as hosts and controls them. They forced the people to go to war with each other, spreading the parasite and thus almost destroying the human race. The large figures we saw outside were final stage manifestations of this 'parasite', which takes over the body and mutates it over time.

While all this is happening, the character is experiencing strange hallucinations (we could also maybe incorporate some basic attacking ai on the lower levels of the cellar?) which is where the horror element comes in. They grow steadily more violent and at the end of the game we realise that the character is experiencing being taken over by the parasite. He can then choose to destroy himself and thus destroying the parasite or chosing to spare his own life at the loss of control of his body, which ends in him killing his family.

It's pretty cliche, but hey, I was thinking we could twist it up a bit and make it more surreal. The main focus in my eyes is atmosphere and strong storytelling more than action and combat. The setting allows for tight, detailed spaces too, which I think is the generally accepted setting we want.

I don't really have any references, although for setting I keep thinking similar to the abandoned vaults in Fallout 3. There's a real sense of the walls closing in on you and having to check over your shouder every few seconds (which is something we could achieve with sound rather than just having stuff attacking from behind all the time, which might be painful to implement). I can't find many good images so I'll get screenshots when my character is a high enough level to venture that far out and bring them to games art next week :p

Game ideas, no title yet Fallout3_373

(imagine the second one darker than it is currently though, it's too bright for the setting I'm talking about.

So yeah, hope that makes sense. I really don't know what I would be working on for this project though, if we have ai I could do some creature modelling but I'm not so good at environments, which is what we seem to be needing. I can certainly give it a go though, I enjoy making environments even if they are shitty :p.
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Game ideas, no title yet Empty
PostSubject: Re: Game ideas, no title yet   Game ideas, no title yet EmptySat Jun 02, 2012 1:55 pm

Sounds like dead space which is very intersthing game on its genre =) ( and definitly horror ).
Althought I wont suggest making the outside enviroment, a secret kind of labotory lab underground would be a good and achiveable setting I recon =), or massive vault like fallout 3 just like u suggest ( its a really good idea for this kind of story).
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Game ideas, no title yet
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