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 Game Project!

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PostSubject: Game Project!   Game Project! EmptyFri Jun 08, 2012 8:09 pm

We are excited to inform that members of Murdoch GAS is starting it's new game project! Worry not the club activities will remain the same. Those who wants to polish their 2D arts or come to learn 2D / 3D Arts should come by any means because as I mentioned before that there will be no changes in our activities. The purpose of this project is to showcase our concept arts and our capabilities to make a game for the entire Games art and Tech students.

Our members consist of programmers and art students ,so it's a very great opportunity for us to learn a professional workflow before jumping into the competitive industries. This project will be dedicated for portfolio building and learning environment.

Thank you for those who participate on the 6th of Friday, I am pleased to announce that we have come to decide the final idea for the game project. This massage is sent to all Murdoch GAS member, so please keep this confidential as we don't have anything yet to show.

Our plan is to finish a demo reel before the semester start for the sake of motivating our first year student. Also I heard suggestion about Pizza night on the first day, that ain't sound bad but I need everyone's feedback before we can come into decision.

Thx and good luck with your Exams!


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Game Project!
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