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 [Temporary Times] Murdoch Game Art Society Club Schedule

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PostSubject: [Temporary Times] Murdoch Game Art Society Club Schedule   Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:17 am

Hi guys, for those who are wanting to come in and meet us during the study break these will be the times for next week!

2.042 Education and Humanities

Monday 29th August Concept - 4:00pm
Wednesday 31st August 3d - 12:00 Study Break Only! (Will be 4pm from the week after)
Friday 2nd August Concept - 4:00pm

These times will be negotiated in the future. Class Changes May be made aswell

Please give us a rough idea of times you can attend, for those who live far away we will try to adjust as much as we can but remember this is a club for alot of people and we need to make it available for everyone.


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[Temporary Times] Murdoch Game Art Society Club Schedule
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