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 For 3rd year graduating concept artists/illustrators possibly modellers

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PostSubject: For 3rd year graduating concept artists/illustrators possibly modellers   Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:01 pm

Josh tells me the first batch of GAD students will be graduating this sem so i've decided we should have a portfolio building/advice session this friday for that. Non graduating guys should come to.

Basically i'll just share my exp on how companies usually handle the acceptance process and interviews. Also:

- how to structure your portfolio and what to put in or what not to put in
- finding out what job or companies you desire to aim for and perhaps tailor your portfolio towards that
- this is mostly for 2d guys but i'll touch on level of polish and skillsets as well

please bring your current portfolio or portfolio pieces or would be portfolio pieces so that we can all sit around and discuss

please also note that this is just stuff i've seen from my experience which i'm sharing and advising. my word is not law and i could be totally ass wrong so i'll keep my advice to what i've seen and general.

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For 3rd year graduating concept artists/illustrators possibly modellers
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