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 Project Touhou Showcase

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PostSubject: Project Touhou Showcase   Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:29 pm 290KBC2C (sorry it seem megaupload has add that give virus, - - make sure you have anti virus on and it would be fine)

Download both file and put them on same folder and run Touhou.exe

Some project me and my brother do in game maker for the week 6 HW.
All rights to their perspective owner we do not own any of the image or video All we made is the UI and putting all of them together and coding it into
a playable game.
The sprite was released for free by their owners. And Touhou game are doujin game and anyone are alowed to remake the game into any kind of game with exception of spoiling the story of the original game. ZUN give permision for anyone to remake the games, arts , or musics. (ZUN the creator of Touhou)

Only few game function are working and we won't update them at all until maybe next year : D(to much work to do in uni)
And Game maker is quite a weak engine as it can only take few pictures,musics and sprites although the coding was quite easy.

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PostSubject: Re: Project Touhou Showcase   Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:27 am

Ah, I love touhou! This looks far better UI than the real games tbh. I'm really impressed you managed this in Gamemaker.
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Project Touhou Showcase
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