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 2012 game concept setting of amazingness~

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Club President

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PostSubject: 2012 game concept setting of amazingness~   Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:22 am

what type of medium - GAME

what sort of setting - high fantasy

key words:

- Frontier of discovery of magic or new power. rudimetric transport, no power, no civilizations.
- Unwater, Aquatic [x]
- Demons [x]
- Socio- economic seperation/ class divide
- Bandits
- Monarchy
- Enslaved
- Desert
- Weather control [x]
- Eco terrorism [x]

Summary sentence:

Setting occurs underwater, weather control is apparent, there are demons and eco terrorists or eco terrorist demons.
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PostSubject: Re: 2012 game concept setting of amazingness~   Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:22 am

Hey hey hey Everyone! This is YTSamurai (guess who)

I have wrote some ideas on the setting so I will post it here xD

There are lots of places which can be ellaborated, improved and even fixed but please tell me how you feel about this.


The world divided in Land and Sea:

Not long ago, the mankind of land has found the stone which contains special power which changes it’s state depending on weather; the Weather Stone
Mankind has developed the weather controlling magical relic from collecting tons of Weather stones: Clima Tower. The residence has changed into that mankind is now living a life with the climate is all controlled by the Clima system, which caused a significant development in the technology and the living. But without realizing, the eco-system has been disturbed by radical change of the weather over the past years, which caused the creatures to develop into an abnormal evolution to adapt to the weathers.

The abnormal evolution has caused certain creatures to evolve into an evil spawn.

There were certain areas which was attacked by the evil spawns, mankind has hunted down the creatures and drove into the bottom of the ocean. The world has split in 2:

1. The Land Realm which is purely resided by mankind and only small population of creatures which mostly used as convenience.
2. The Sea Realm where it is resided by the evil spawns which was forced to live into the bottom of the ocean.

Over the past years, the evil spawns have evolved and gained intelligence that it doesn’t lose to the mankind, now they have developed their own technology which allows them to live in underwater on their own right, the evolved evil spawns are now called “Merfolks”. Some has thrown away their hatred against the mankind for what they have done in past, but some Merfolks still burns their heart with hatred against them and commits violent attacks towards mankind. Part of the reason is because Mankind still have an impression of Merfolks that they are the enemy of Mankind. Some Merfolks try to convince Mankind and ask for co-existence, but Mankind doesn’t give in and still continues to hunt down Merfolks.

However, there are few of the Mankind who questions the Clima System accepts the Merfolks. Those Mankinds and Merfolks have developed an alliance called “The Union”.
The Union had their primary objectives:
• Subdue the Merfolks who commits terrorism and the Mankind whose indiscriminatingly murders the Merfolks
• Find the truth about Clima System
• Find the way to convince Mankind to not to rely on the Clima System for convenient living and return to their original lifestyle without Weather Controls on their hand.

The battle between 3 factions; Land, Sea and the Union for their belief of ideal world have now begun.

What is “Ideal World”?
What is comfortable living?
lastly: Can they get the World back to the way it was…?
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PostSubject: Re: 2012 game concept setting of amazingness~   Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:36 pm

I did post my stuff here earlier but the post seems to have been deleted, so I'll grab it again from the uni computers on monday.

Anyway, in regards to your ideas YTSamurai, I like that you've got land residence in your idea, because I couldn't really see a way to incorporate prominent weather effects at a deep underwater depth, so maybe having the two settings would be beneficial in that regard. The rest is appealing too, especially since freaky evolution is always good fun. There's some stuff that could use more explanation, such as how a bunch of land creatures survived being put into the bottom of the ocean, but those sorts of details I assume aren't necessary at this point anyway, so no matter, it's pretty solid overall (and makes my handful of notes look wimpy in comparison).
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PostSubject: Re: 2012 game concept setting of amazingness~   

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2012 game concept setting of amazingness~
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